Top 10 Best Slot Machine Tricks

Slot Machine Tricks

Check the payout ratios (RTP)

Each slot game is equipped with a certain payout ratio or RTP value. In a nutshell, this tells you how much of the stakes paid by the slot machines are again spent as winnings. These payout ratios vary from game to game, so it’s a good idea to take a closer look before starting. According to this logic, machines with a high value tend to pay more profits. If you are looking for the right game, this is an important value and slot machine trick that you should include in your payoff. In online casinos, you can usually see the payout percentages by calling up the information or game rules for each machine. We present more slot machine tricks to help you try to win real money. Use this guide in conjunction with our online casino tips and tricks blog post. Winning!

Check the volatility of the machines

Another important information about the payout behavior of pokies at online casinos is the value of volatility. If you are looking for a new, unknown slot game, the volatility gives you another clue that limits the selection. If you want to be more comfortable with profits and you do not care how high they are, then games with low volatility are a good choice. A higher risk of losing your balance before a win is paid is in the highly volatile games. In comparison, however, the profit sums here are significantly higher. As you have noticed, the value of volatility has both advantages and disadvantages.

Of course, it makes sense to compare each machine and slot and scrutinize it to find out where to get the best payback. Therefore, please include the values ​​in your decision, but do not forget to play the games you want. After all, slot machines should be fun in the first place! So, if your favorite game on the Novoline machine is Faust, you should also play Faust online rather than a slot on the Merkur machine.

Slot Machine Trick – Know the rules, features and functions of the games

Sounds obvious, but is not noticed by some players. Many players try to learn the rules while playing, and then lose a lot of it. Of course, the rules are usually simple; but what you have to find out first, is whether there are certain additional functions in a game, such. For example, bonus rounds that can significantly influence the game. So always look at the payable of the game before your first spin! Some casinos also have an extra area for game rules, where also many details about the slot machines, such as free spins, bonus features and special symbols, are clearly arranged.

The slot machines of some brands not only contain special bonus features, but also so-called risk functions. With them you have the chance to multiply your profits with a little luck. The best known in this area is certainly the risk ladder from Merkur. It gives you the opportunity to push up your scores on a level-by-level basis. But not only Mercury games can come up with such risk functions. Therefore, always be attentive when you start at an unknown machine and inform yourself about what he has to offer.

Slot Machine Trick – Practice in free play money mode

In most online casinos, you can play without money in a play money version without paying your own money. So, you risk nothing and can test the games in this way without obligation and “practice” for real machines and for the real money game. Often there are no limits to the deposit of play money. This means that you can try the slot machines unlimited. With some offers for the free variant at the play automats not even a registration is necessary and the offer thus for beginners still low threshold. In addition, playing online has many other benefits: bonuses, promotions, original games. In the following more.

free play money mode

Make good use of bonus offers

All online casinos offer attractive bonuses to attract new players. The wagering requirements of this bonus offers may (etc. roulette, blackjack) are often not met in many games. Slots are always among the games that can be used to free play the bonuses. This means for you that you can play and win a lot with relatively little effort.

It’s even better if you have an exclusive bonus code that you’ll find on our site. If you want to start right away, we recommend the Leo Vegas Casino, which makes it easy for beginners to find their way around – and get a 200% Welcome Bonus on the first deposit. A deposit of 10 €, brings you so 20 € in addition, so you can start with a total of 30 € start credit.

Slot Machine Trick – Find Free Spins and No Deposit Offers

5a02f8dabd8d3e19642d2e2d.K6P6CKmaDTOXEver popular with players and now also abound of online casinos are offered free games and so-called no deposit bonus free spins. The latter either write you a certain sum as a bonus without having to make a deposit, or you can achieve it in the form of free spins. These free spins usually refer to slot machines, so keep your eyes peeled for new challenges in online casinos.

However, free spins are also being added more often as extra pay-in bonuses, which makes them a round thing for slot machines. Such free spins are in some cases even excluded from the regular wagering requirements and thus allow the chance to transfer your profits directly into your bank account. Accordingly, it makes sense to look for (no deposit) bonus offers with free spins!

Choose low stakes

In the vast majority of machines, it is enough to play with low stakes, because even with this you can achieve high profits or crack jackpots. One should rather divide the capital one has, in order to play with it longer. Of course, the longer you and the more rounds you play, the higher your chances of winning. In addition, it would be a great pity if the fun at the slot machine had an end after a few laps. So, it really makes sense to think about some strategy on how you want to handle your bets (money management).

Play consciously

Let’s not talk for long: Hardly any other form of game carries as much addictiveness as the slot machine. This should be taken seriously and not from the outset assume that you will never be affected yourself. It is certainly not a mistake to deal with the issue of gambling addiction and to know what the known symptoms are. The best strategy to avoid gambling addiction is undoubtedly not to take gaming on the machine too seriously, but to set limits and consider it a leisure time activity (which, by the way, costs money just like a concert or movie).

If you are not sure whether your gaming behavior is still in order or is out of the norm, our text on the subject of gambling addiction can help you. There you will find important information about self-tests and counseling and treatment options.

The aspect of pleasure has taken the online casinos to a new level. Since there is much greater competition among them, they also come up with a lot more for their players. Online casinos usually offer a much larger game selection than most gambling halls. Of course, completely new dimensions open up on the Internet. Take advantage of this, enjoy the great offer and have fun while playing!

Set limits

Even if you do not tend to gambling addiction or loss of control, it’s never a bad idea to set limits for you. That means: Determine in advance how much time and money you want to use, for example, in the Book of Ra real money game – and then stay tuned. It is recommended to take only so much money into the arcade as you are ready to lose. It’s best to play with cash, not card, because you have better control over your game.

Setting limits is not only sensible in terms of deployment. A mistake you can see again and again in every arcade: Someone makes a really good profit, thinks he has a lucky streak – and continues to gamble until he’s gone to the machine again. There are even people who go home with a loss despite a big win in the end. Many players find it difficult to be happy about profits. That’s why it’s important to know when it’s better to stop. Namely, as the saying goes, when it is most beautiful. So also determine here profit amounts, where you drop out.

Be patient

Anyone who ever sat in front of such a machine knows that slot machines can boost their pulse and create thrills. That it can sometimes take a while until a game round ends successfully, but it must be stressed again and again. Rarely it is the case that you win at the first game. Although you should not spend too much time in the arcade (keyword: set limits), but to gain profits, it usually takes more than five minutes. Therefore, it is important to be patient and not to vilify the slot machines as they withhold one or the other bet. That’s just the game: luck and chance are and remain the deciding factors!

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