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What are online pokies?

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You probably have come across the term pokies, when searching for the online casino-related games. So, what are online pokies? The most straightforward answer you can get is they are slot machines. But, pokies is a term used in Australia and New Zealand only, so depending on where you live, it may be a rare word, or you may have heard it for the first time. And yes, there are a lot of different types of pokies available at online casinos and even more, in hotels and restaurants.

Types of pokies

There are so many different types of pokies that we can’t list all of them. At this point, it is important to remember that almost all of them can be divided into two groups, depending on the number of reels. As such, we can see, three reel games which are more traditional and commonly used as standard models. Then we can see more advanced games which have five reels. At the moment, they are the most popular and the most appealing of them all, so we can add that this group is the main one at present.

The main difference between these two groups is in the number of reels, as mentioned and the number of paylines. At the moment, players want to play games which offer more paylines. As a result, this increases their odds for victory, and those games are more appreciated. Now you know what online pokies are and the main types there are.

Look for pokie bonuses

Now we will have to explain the second most important difference when it comes to pokies. It is the bonus. It is known that almost all online casinos offer some bonus for new players. If you are one of them, you should look for no deposit bonuses. This means that your account will be accredited with free spins which can be used on any slot. This also means that you don’t have to deposit to get the spins.

There are additional bonuses as well. For example, when you win a specific combination in the game, you will get multiplier feature. It merely means that your bet will be multiplied. Some casinos will give you an additional bonus which is available in the way of casino cash. It is real money that can be used for playing pokies. It may be an increase of your deposit or a separate amount.

Pokies are eveywhere

Pokies or slots do come in impressive number, and there are all possible variations of the game. Now you know what online pokies and bonuses you should look at are. But, we must mention that these games are not located at casinos only. They are common in hotels, restaurants, and even airports. All of them use real money and can give you a real prize.
The next time when someone asks you about pokies, you will know more than they, so you are well-prepared.

The Legend of Shangri La Cluster Pay Review

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The Legend of Shangri la cluster pay review

The Legend of Shangri La Cluster Pay is one of the finest online casino slots you will find. The Legend of Shangri La origin comes from the 1933 novel Lost Horizon by James Hilton.  It’s the story of a valley set in a mystical location where the people are living well beyond normal lifespans. The game is skilfully designed with exceptional presentation and tranquil sound effects. The Legend of Shangri La Cluster Pay slot is fully optimised for Apple, Android and tablets. Unfortunately, at the time of this review, the free online version on the NetEnt site was not working. Shame on you!

Best Free Spins Bonus Rounds

Planet Fortune free spins

Free spins in the slot games are, and they can make a massive difference between winning and losing. The best reason why so many players like them are due to the first word in the name, free! But, there are so many games out there, and each one is special, different and apparently comes with different bonuses. Here are the best ones.

What are free spins bonus rounds?

Free spin bonus rounds are basically free spins yowl get once you register in the online casino. There are several types of them. For example, you can get free bonuses while depositing funds or simply for free, as soon as you complete the registration. Keep in mind that some of them are linked to severe conditions and rules that must be met. Of course, this depends on each online casino free spins individually.

Asgardian Stones Free Spins

This game is currently extremely popular. It is based on five reels, and it can be played on any device you use. The lowest bet is 0.2p while the highest is actually 200 pounds. The main attraction of the game is the bonus you will get. It is based on a Bonus Wheel. When you get bonus symbol on last three reels, you are looking at the free spins. They will usually be added up to 5 per time, but in total, you can win up to 25 free spins. In addition, you can win up to 2.000 times of your initial stake!

Holiday Season Free Spins

The game is top-rated due to the bonuses it has to offer. Basically, you can quickly get 20 free spins, which will guarantee you a winning each time you use one. There is also a possibility to get two additional free spins. All of this is easily obtained from the game, so the chances are high that bonuses will make you a winner of the slot in question. Sadly, the maximum number of free spin bonus you can get is 20 times. After that, it becomes unavailable. But, you are looking at the final winning at least a couple of times in the game sequence.

Planet Fortune Free Spins

The game we have here does have a unique and appealing user interface, but it also has a bonus. We are interested in the Robot Revolution feature, which means that if or better said when you get three robot symbols, you are looking at ten free spins. Additionally, you can use free spins to win an even higher number of them, so there are no limits which may compromise your winning. The game is also loaded with advanced features, and it is a real pleasure to play it. Keep in mind that the robot is the main symbol of the game to look for.

These slots are simply the best when it comes to free bonuses, and they are probably the developments which will guarantee you the highest odds of winning a jackpot.

Gold King Slot Review

gold king slot

Gold King Slot

Everyone is familiar with the story of King Midas. But Play’n Go has turned the same story into a happy one by letting the players into a room full of treasures and gold. I started to feel like a king once my game screen loaded. Take a tour of the treasures from the comforts of your home. There are many slots with the King Midas theme on the internet, but this one from Play’n Go the Midas Touch to it! Gold King Slot is a 5-reel sparkly, golden slot machine with three rows and 25 active paylines.

Asgardian Stones Slot Review

asgaridan stones slot

After Marvel made Thor famous, the video slot world has been concentrating on the Asgardian Gods quite a lot. We see lots of games with the same theme. And to join the club, we have our design and gaming genius NetEnt who has recently come up with a Norse God-themed slot of their own. We have seen a lot of slots based on the same theme, but the Asgardian Stones leaves them all behind. The slot does have a lot of similarities with Gonzo’s Quest from the same developer. But still, I think this slot is going to be very catchy with the slot players this year. It will be  one of the great games to play here.

Gonzo’s Quest Slot Review

gonzo quest slot

Gonzo’s Quest is a five-reel, twenty paylines slot game designed and developed by NetEnt which is a reputed company in casino gaming software provider industry. The slot game is based on the Gonzalo Pizzaro, a conqueror who is raiding the jungle of Amazon to find Eldorado, the city of gold. This slot game is not like other slot games as it features avalanche reels which are rarely found in other slot games. Avalanche reels refer to the reels in which symbols fall from above. These reels are different from the customarily seen spinning reels. The slot game can be played at 20p and can go up till £50 for per spin. This slot game is based on a unique concept and is counted under the list of most popular slot games presented by NetEnt.

The Best Tips and Tricks for Online Casinos

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Online Casino Tips

If you are looking for tricks for online casinos with which you are guaranteed to win, you can end your search basically the same, because they do not exist. Nevertheless, bring you some tips by which you can minimize losses.

Probably every player has his own strategies and quirks in terms of playing in online casinos. The one varies his bets leaps, the other swears by a special game, which always saves him in the end and still others play only at full moon. But in the end, almost everyone shares the same fate: more losses than profits.

Top 10 Best Slot Machine Tricks

Slot Machine Tricks

Check the payout ratios (RTP)

Each slot game is equipped with a certain payout ratio or RTP value. In a nutshell, this tells you how much of the stakes paid by the slot machines are again spent as winnings. These payout ratios vary from game to game, so it’s a good idea to take a closer look before starting. According to this logic, machines with a high value tend to pay more profits. If you are looking for the right game, this is an important value and slot machine trick that you should include in your payoff. In online casinos, you can usually see the payout percentages by calling up the information or game rules for each machine. We present more slot machine tricks to help you try to win real money. Use this guide in conjunction with our online casino tips and tricks blog post. Winning!