Slot Machine Tricks: How Can I Win at The Casino?

Slot Machine Tricks

Slot machines are machines programmed are designed so that you can never win in the long run. The random number generator software of the slot includes an automatic response rate that is slightly below 90% offline and varies 95% online. In the long run, you always make at least 5-10% loss while playing. There are some slot machine tricks to help you increase your chances

This is especially bitter when gamblers think they can offset losses by higher winnings by increasing the bet. These and other myths circulate in front of gambling halls and online forums. However, the fact is that half of them are not accurate and unfortunately there are no 100% safe slots tricks.

But you have to take all the fun of gambling? Most certainly not! Because there are still a few proven techniques that can make you a better player. Let’s take a look at the slot machine tricks that will leave the casino with a little more money in their pockets.

Where are highest slot bonuses?

This slot machine trick is mainly for newcomers because straight first-time players can access online gambling sites with rich welcome bonuses and high real money winnings. While the poker and roulette sections are excluded from using these rewards, it’s usually a great way to start playing slots. If you prefer roulette, check our blog post on the 10 Best Roulette Tips

Below we present you the slot machines with the highest odds and the top online casino providers and their bonuses.

High or low stakes slot?

As far as this question is concerned, both views are heard. Some prefer slot machines with low stakes, others with high stakes. The fact is that in this case, it depends entirely on the player.

So, it is the case with many slot machines, which one with higher inserts also has a higher response rate. Especially in games with multiple pay lines, this is true. However, the stakes there even quickly exceed the € 5. So, if you are looking for very high profits, you will be more successful with this strategy.

Progressive slot for slot machine tricks

However, rounds in the casino can be over so quickly, which is not just the fun to play beneficial. On top of that, there is always the danger of losing the feeling for the sums in the case of high stakes. Players who are mainly looking for fun in the off- or online casino, a small bet is recommended. Although the response rate is slightly lower here and specific bonuses and extra pay lines are denied, but you can play longer. If you belong to this type of player, it is recommended to choose a slot machine with a progressive jackpot, but you can already participate in small amounts. So, you have chances for the main prize despite minor missions.

Especially progressive slots irritate players, as you can theoretically at any time become the happiest man in the casino if you clear the mega jackpot. But anytime? On of the disproven slot machine tricks is to watch the machine for a long time.

It is essential to pay attention to how many people are playing in the slot and how long the jackpot is already growing. While it is true that the jackpot can theoretically be cracked at any given time, the statistics show that the likelihood of a sensational win increases the longer the machine has not thrown and the higher the jackpot.

Especially recommended are progressive slots which can already be played with small money, so you can play longer and still has the same chance of winning.

Money management slot machine tricks

Money management

This term comes from the finance industry but can be wonderfully transferred to the gambling. This is about determining a solid bet and profit for a visit to the arcade. This is how players can tackle two problems:

First, you cannot ride in immense debt.

Secondly, one is forced to stop after a conscience time and cannot squander profits again. For example, you decide that you will spend a maximum of 50 € and would be happy with a profit of 40 €. If the upper loss limit or the targeted benefit is reached, you stop. It is essential that the sums always remain the same. Otherwise, you will be tempted to increase the limits after a bad evening to make up for losses, which can put you in a vicious circle.

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